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Bread Frozen

Artisan Dinner Roll 120x45g

Pack Size: 1x120x45g

Product ID: 125483

Available in: NSW

Bakers Baguette Sourdough 21x310g

Pack Size: 1x21x310g

Product ID: 129119

Available in: NSW

Bakers Baguette White 11150A 50’s

Pack Size: 1x50's

Product ID: 129113

Available in: NSW

Bakers Ciabatta Mini 11495 100’s

Pack Size: 1x100's

Product ID: 125484

Available in: NSW

Bakers Croissant Chocolate 12613 60x55g

Pack Size: 1x60x55g

Product ID: 129117

Available in: NSW

Bakers Croissant Large 12608 RTB 48’s

Pack Size: 1x48's

Product ID: 129114

Available in: NSW

Bakers Hamburger Bun 11807 10CM 60’s

Pack Size: 1x60's

Product ID: 127894

Available in: NSW

Bakers Turkish Roll Oval #11815 60’s

Pack Size: 1x60's

Product ID: 110099

Available in: NSW

Bakers White Roll 11430A 240’s

Pack Size: 1x240's

Product ID: 129013

Available in: NSW

Black and Gold Garlic Bread 2x225g

Pack Size: 12x2x225g

Product ID: 129058

Available in: NSW

Country Chef Banana Bread 90g 34’s

Pack Size: 1x34's

Product ID: 110096

Available in: NSW

Happy Belly Lotus Leaf Bun (Gua Bao) 10x40g

Pack Size:12x10x40g

Product ID:320191

Available in: NSW, VIC, QLD

Happy Belly Mini Bun Plain 1.20kg

Pack Size: 4x1.20kg

Product ID: 321018

Available in: NSW

Lai Shing Duck Bun 6’s

Pack Size: 18x6's

Product ID: 320167

Available in: QLD

Lavosh Crisp Bread 250g

Pack Size: 12x250g

Product ID: 120456

Available in: NSW, VIC