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Fish Frozen

Aqua Star Silver Fish 10/12 White Bait 700g

Pack Size: 10x700g

Product ID: 77303

Available in: NSW, QLD

Barramundi Green Whole 10kg

Pack Size: 1x10kg

Product ID: 301066

Available in: NSW, QLD, VIC

Birds Eye Oven Baked Crumbed Fish 6’s 425g

Pack Size: 9x425g

Product ID: 391351

Available in: NSW

Flathead Fillet 2-4 Skin Off 4.5kg

Pack Size: 1x4.5kg

Product ID: 77172

Available in: NSW, QLD

Hoki Skin-On 8/12 6.8kg

Pack Size: 3x6.8kg

Product ID: 32200

Available in: NSW, QLD

I&J Captain’s Catch Oven Crispy Fish #01146 45x84g

Pack Size: 45x84g

Product ID: 320111

Available in: VIC

I&J Crumbed Whiting Fillet 120x21g

Pack Size: 120x21g

Product ID: 392796

Available in: NSW

Leroy Smoked Salmon 500g

Pack Size: 20x500g

Product ID: 300245

Available in: VIC

Markwell Fish Fillet Skinless Tempura 30x115g

Pack Size: 1x30x115g

Product ID: 320114

Available in: VIC

Markwell Fish Fillet Skinless Tempura 30x145g

Pack Size: 1x30x145g

Product ID: 320113

Available in: VIC

Markwell Fish Fillet Skinless Tempura 40x85g

Pack Size: 1x40x85g

Product ID: 320116

Available in: VIC

Markwell Tuna Pattie 36x100g

Pack Size: 1x36x100g

Product ID: 394523

Available in: VIC

Moka Battered Flake 30x180g

Pack Size: 30x180g

Product ID: 390790

Available in: NSW

Narong Tempura Fish Cocktail (L) 1kg

Pack Size: 5x1kg

Product ID: 770459

Available in: NSW

Nile Perch Fillet *U/500* 6kg

Pack Size: 2x6kg

Product ID: 32227

Available in: NSW