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Pie Frozen

Four’n Twenty Aussie Pastie 12x175g

Pack Size: 1x12x175g

Product ID: 320188

Four’n Twenty Beef Pie 24x175g

Pack Size: 1x24x175g

Product ID: 642209

Available in: VIC

Four’n Twenty King Size Sausage Roll 24x180g

Pack Size: 1x24x180g

Product ID: 642213

Available in: NSW, VIC

Herbert Adams Beef Chunky, Cheese & Bacon Pie 12x120g

Pack Size: 1x12x120g

Product ID: 320203

Herbert Adams King Island Beef Pie 12x210g

Pack Size: 1x12x210g

Product ID: 320201

Available in: NSW

I&J Lamb & Rosemary Petite Pies 60’s

Pack Size: 1x60's

Product ID: 642176

Available in: NSW, VIC

I&J Party Pie Pack #05659 48x50g

Description: Flavours: Aussie Beef, Lamb & Rosemary, Steak & Mushroom and Chicken & Leek

Pack Size: 48x50g

Product ID: 642557

Available in: NSW, VIC

Mr Baker Party Pies 72’s

Pack Size: 1x72's

Product ID: 642087

Available in: NSW

Mr Bakers Sausage Rolls 72’s

Pack Size: 1x72's

Product ID: 642086

Available in: NSW

Patties Cocktail Sausage Roll Cocktail #5653 72’s

Pack Size: 1x72's

Product ID: 642178

Available in: VIC

Patties Entertainment Pack #5603 3.2kg

Description: 24x Party Pies, 24 x Party Pasties and 24 x Party Cocktail Sausage Roll

Pack Size: 1x3.2kg

Product ID: 320175

Available in: VIC

Patties Jumbo Sausage Roll #5642 24’s

Pack Size: 1x24's

Product ID: 320174

Available in: VIC

Patties Meat Pies #3971 24x175g

Pack Size: 24x175g

Product ID: 642091

Available in: VIC

Patties Mixed Variety Party Pies #6102 6x560g

Description: Curry Chicken, Vegetable, Lamb & Rosemary and Pepper Steak

Pack Size: 6x560g

Product ID: 320176

Available in: VIC

Patties Party Pasties #5151 72’s

Pack Size: 1x72's

Product ID: 642215

Available in: NSW, VIC