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Don KRC Cheese Kransky 300g

Pack Size: 6x300g

Product ID: 550202

Available in: VIC

Don KRC Kabana 200g

Pack Size: 10x200g

Product ID: 633230

Available in: VIC

Illawarra Thin Blanched Sausages 2kg

Pack Size: 10x2kg

Product ID: 633216

Available in: NSW, QLD

KR Castemaine Thin Sliced Salami #91447 1kg

Pack Size: 4x1kg

Product ID: 595210

Available in: NSW, VIC

KR Castlemaine Rindless Style Bacon Pieces #90120 2kg

Pack Size: 6x2kg

Product ID: 594569

Available in: NSW, QLD

KR Castlemaine Skinless Continental Franks 10″ #98192 2.5kg

Pack Size: 4x2.5kg

Product ID: 633214

Available in: NSW, QLD, VIC

Pendle Csabai Salami Per kg

Pack Size:/kg

Product ID: 620136

Available in: NSW

Pendle Sandwich Ham 4kg

Pack Size: 5x4kg

Product ID: 630057

Available in: NSW

Pendle Soccer Ball Leg Ham Per kg

Pack Size: /kg

Product ID: 633239

Available in: NSW

Pendle Rindless Bacon 2.5kg

Pack Size: 6x2.5kg

Product ID: 620059

Available in: NSW