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Consistently exceed customer expectations with continuous expansion in products, services, and delivery.

About: Who we are

Hong Australia Corporation

For over 50 years, Hong Australia Corporation Pty Ltd (HAC) has been supplying groceries to your local supermarkets and your favourite eateries across Australia.

Over the years, HAC’s product range have expanded to over 10,000 products. That means more variety and choices for our customers.

While Hong Australia stock many well-known international and national brands, we also offer customers our very own home brand products; Royles, HAC, and Epic are great value products, and are sourced only from manufacturers with high regards to food safety.

Hong Australia Corporation strongly believes in providing high level of service to our customers by inspiring our employees.


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Garboro Foods


Located in Brisbane, Australia and specialising in Asian food products, Garboro Foods is a division of Hong Australia Corporation.

Like Hong Australia, Garboro’s goal is to provide competitively priced products to our customers.

With a dedicated sales team, our employees at Garboro Foods are ready to assist you with all your food stuff needs.

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Epic Cash & Carry

Epic Cash and Carry was established in 1981 and is a division of Hong Australia Corporation located at Rosebery.

With more than 10,000 product lines ranging from grocery, refrigerated and frozen goods, Epic has been able to accommodate a wide range of customers such as restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, hotels, pubs, supermarkets just to name a few.

Epic Cash and Carry always try to ensure that they provide the most competitive prices for their outstanding product range available which include various retail products, foodservice products and other food-related products and packaging.

Epic Cash and Carry also offer a delivery service via truck for their customers in Sydney where applicable.


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Merchant Australia

Merchant Australia is a well-established HACCP certified foodservice company with dedicated employees continually striving to provide the best service possible to their customers in order to meet their needs and expectations on an ongoing basis.

Merchant Australia provides customers with a diverse range of dry, chilled, frozen, paper and cleaning products. Merchant Australia’s customer base consist of a wide range of government and private customers including councils, hospitals, aged care facilities, day care centres and other businesses such as restaurants and cafes.

Merchant Australia have now created a strong presence in the Asian food market providing various Asian food products locally and imported from overseas to supermarkets, groceries, wholesalers and restaurants.

Our main focus at Merchant Australia is to ensure that all customer orders are processed efficiently right through to the delivery of the goods to the customer. With our premises located in Altona North, Merchant Australia is able to cover a vast area of Melbourne including Melbourne’s inner city, suburbs and regional centres.

Our mission at Merchant Australia is to not only provide quality products at an affordable price but to continually satisfy our customers whether existing or new on a daily basis. Our goal is to continually expand and enhance our product lines to meet our customer needs and further expand our delivery areas in response to customer requests.

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