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Paper Towels

Beyond Paper Towel Roll 80m 16’s

Pack Size: 1x16x80m

Product ID: 550181

Beyond paper Supply Ultra Slim Towel 150’s

Pack Size: 1x16x150's

Product ID: 950017

Kleenex Optimum #4456 Towel 120’s

Pack Size: 24x120's

Product ID: 550321

Kleenex Optimum Towel #4440 90’s

Pack Size: 24x90's

Product ID: 550789

Prime Source Paper Roll Towel 185mmx100m

Pack Size: 4x4's

Product ID: 550189

Available in: NSW

Prime Source Slim Line Paper Hand Towel 230x230mm 200’s

Pack Size: 20x200's

Product ID: 445832

Available in: NSW

PrimeSource White Paper Hand Towel 1ply 180mmx90m

Pack Size: 16x90m

Product ID: 550183

Scott Multi-Fold Towel Slimline #13207 16’s

Pack Size: 1x16's

Product ID: 550963

Scott Roll Towel #4419 18cmx100m

Pack Size: 12x1

Product ID: 550198

Silk Roll Towel 1ply 18cm 80m

Pack Size: 1x80m

Product ID: 550181

Vinda Wet Towels #60080 1200s

Pack Size: 1x1200s

Product ID: 880516

Available in: NSW