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Black and Gold Sponges 3Pack

Pack Size: 12x3pack

Product ID: 540379

Chux Super Scrub HD Scr/Sp Pk1

Pack Size: 12xpk1

Product ID: 540288

Available in: NSW

Edco Dust Pan & Brush Set

Pack Size: 10x1

Product ID: 530123

Edco Scourer Individual 23x15CM Each

Pack Size: 1x200's

Product ID: 540433

Edco Sponge Scourer 15x10x3CM

Pack Size: 1x200's

Product ID: 540441

Edco Stainless Steel Scourer Sgl 50g

Pack Size: 48x50g

Product ID: 549871

HAC Stainless Steel Scrubber 50g


Pack Size: 6x12x50g

Product ID: 41484

Jex Soap Pad 5’s

Pack Size: 12x5pads

Product ID: 450102

Available in: VIC

Multy Scouring Sponges 5’s

Pack Size: 10x5's

Product ID: 540472

Oates Green Scourer 103 23×15 EA

Pack Size: 1x100's

Product ID: 544455

Available in: VIC

Oates Scrub Brush

Pack Size: EA

Product ID: 530059

Available in: VIC

Oates Sponge Premium PK3

Pack Size: 24xpk3

Product ID: 100840

Available in: NSW, VIC

Oates Sponge Scourer #110 EA

Pack Size: 1x60's

Product ID: 544453

Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scourer 4Pack

Pack Size: 12x4pack

Product ID: 540438

Available in: NSW

Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Sponge Scourer Twin Pack

Pack Size: 12xtwinpack

Product ID: 540483

Available in: NSW, QLD