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Tissue Facial/Toilet

Beyond Deluze Jumbo 2ply Tissue Roll 300m

Pack Size: 1x8x300m

Product ID: 440120

Imperial White Facial Tissue 2ply 180x180mm

Pack Size: 32x1

Product ID: 550319

Kleenex 2ply 250sheet 11x10cm 2’s

Pack Size: 24x2's

Product ID: 550238

Kleenex Cottonelle 180sheet 11x10cm 6’s

Pack Size: 10x6's

Product ID: 556314

Kleenex Executive Hand Towel 75’s

Pack Size: 1x6x75's

Product ID: 550790

Kleenex Facial Tissue 100’s

Pack Size: 48X1000's

Product ID: 550096

Kleenex Facial Tissue 24×90’s

Pack Size: 1x24x90's

Product ID: 550313

Kleenex Toilet Roll Jumbo #5749 300mx6’s

Pack Size: 1x6's

Product ID: 550101

Scott 2ply 210sheet 11x10cm 4’s

Pack Size: 12x1x4's

Product ID: 554210

Vinda Wet Towels #60080 1200s

Pack Size: 1x1200s

Product ID: 880516

Available in: NSW