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Banana & Palm Sugar Parcels Serves 8


16 Sheets Spring Home Spring Roll Pastry (5”)

6 Bananas, slices

½ cup Grated yellow palm sugar

¼ Tbs Cardamon powder

1 Egg white, lightly beaten

250ml Coconut cream

¼ cup Dark Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka)



Serve with ice-cream for an out-of-the-world contrast between crispy hot and velvety cold

Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll Pastry 5″ 50x250g

Size: 40x50x250g

Product ID: 32222

Wayang Palm Sugar 500g


Product ID: 732324

Royles Cardamon Ground 1kg

Size: 10x1kg

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Maeploy Coconut Cream 560ml

Size: 24x560ml

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For parcel

1. Heat oil over medium high heat (oil should not be smoking)

2. Combine bananas, yellow palm sugar and cardamom powder, toss to mix. Place filling on to spring roll pastry and fold into a rectangle shape. Seal edges with egg white.

3. Deep fry till golden brown. Drizzle with palm sugar syrup and serve


For palm sugar syrup

Mix coconut cream and dark palm sugar together and boil till a consistency of honey is achieved.